Tough year drawing to a close for Murray

It’s been a challenging season for Richard Murray so to finally be on the winner’s podium again in his penultimate WTS race of the season, was a highlight.

At this past weekend’s WTS Edmonton in Canada – a race that Murray won last year – the South African finished third. His first time on the WTS winner’s podium since Abu Dhabi on 5 March where he was second. Murray missed most of the season due to a broken collarbone, but since coming back he had a rough time of it. It started with a bang when he won the Duathlon World Championships, but on the triathlon circuit he had his troubles.

“It’s been a hard year. Finishing fourth in Rio and getting disqualified in Hamburg had me on the emotional rollercoaster, so to get back onto the podium made me very happy,” said Murray from Mexico where he will race in the season finale WTS Cozumel on 18 September.

“Easy it wasn’t. I left Rio with a chest infection and did not have the best kind of preparation in the week leading up to Edmonton and I did not feel my best during the race, but I am thankful that it was possible for me to race at all. To have my fastest swim by coming out of the water in 11th place was good.”

Murray now hopes to shake off the final affects of the infection and do some proper training before the race. “I need to get my body and mind ready for the one final push!”

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Wagner Araujo, ITU 

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