Winning end to season for Murray:

Winning the Island House Triathlon in the Bahamas was the perfect end to a long and hard season for Richard Murray.

This past weekend Murray's roller coaster 2016 came to an end with his first international triathlon victory since the New Plymouth World Cup in New Zealand in April. "It's a great feeling to finally win an international triathlon race again! It's been too long," said Murray from the Bahamas.

"It was a hard three days of racing against some classy and quality opponents in tough conditions. Having to fight for the win until the end made for a sweet end to the season."

Murray is now taking a break. He will start to regroup for 2017 in December. "It's very nice to have a bit of a break and an Island holiday. I will be coming back to South Africa next week for a few more weeks off. Then the planning for next year will start. It is going to be a very different than usual season. I will be racing a few Xterra races and might be skipping a few WTS events."

Murray is a former SA Xterra Champion and raced in the 2013 Xterra World Championships. Xterra is best described as off-road triathlon.

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